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Our mission is to provide a creative community and safe space for Creatives of Color to learn and grow together. Our primary goals are to elevate, empower and inspire our members through meaningful resources, networking and exposure.
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Our Roots

We’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long time. As an exclusive and private group for designers of color on Facebook, our founders have enjoyed welcoming, building and connecting our members over the last decade. This personal touch has kept us as a tight knit family.

Let’s Grow Together

We’re well rooted and the time is now to expand our branches and flourish and we cannot do that without you. Together we are powerful, and with your support we can advocate on your behalf to bring resources to our creative community to elevate and advance your career paths. As they say, numbers don’t lie, and we need to work together to help grow our family in order to develop sustaining resources and benefits for us all.

What to Expect

We see a bright future ahead. But don’t worry, if you’re a core BDU Facebook Group user, we aren’t going anywhere. However, our ultimate vision is to provide an expanded online community with login access for our membership. A true safe space. We also envision member benefit options, a job board, and future eLearning opportunities.

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Thank you for believing in us, because we believe in you! - BDU

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