We’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long time. As an exclusive and private group for designers of color on Facebook, our founders have enjoyed welcoming, building and connecting our members over the last decade. This personal touch has kept us as a tight knit family.

Our Mission

To provide meaningful resources that help elevate and empower our creative community.

Core Values

Community: We value our people, our unique culture, and various ideals. We represent a vast group of creatives who look to influence positive change within our community and by our community.
Opportunity: We believe that exposure and opportunity are the pathways to entering spaces where we can influence positive change
Learning: We have a passion for learning and we continually seek out ways to grow our creative skills through education, constructive critique, communication, and relationships
Optimism: We are forward-thinking and we believe what we create matters
Unity: We work together, encourage one other and collaborate to reach common creative goals
Resource: We always look to provide meaningful resources that will affect positive professional, personal and communal change